Yuzu & Honey

Yuzu oranges and honey drink thirst It refreshes the body and nourishes the skin.


Lemon & Honey

Lemon juice-infused honey that helps relieve sore throat and reduce fever, with extra Vitamin C for building immunity.

Kyohou & Honey

Kyoho grapes and honey contain antioxidants, help slow aging, have high fiber content, and help burn fat well.

Raspberry & Honey

Raspberries and honey are considered a great helper to lose weight, suitable for those who are on a diet.

Blueberry & Honey

Honey infused with blueberry juice that helps nourish the brain and eyes, improving eye strength and focus

Maple & Honey

Contains antioxidants and helps protect the heart. The maple syrup has a high content of broth. which helps To protect the walls of blood vessels and also help slow down aging as well.


Honey Stick Selection

Step into a new look with fruit juices-infused premium honey from Japan, conveniently packaged in sachets to enjoy numerous benefits wherever you are!

Honey Cacao

The combination of our extra-fancy honey and aromatic cacao bean into a premium product. You can enjoy spreading on bread, mixing with hot water or milk to make a nice cup of drink, or using it just about any way you want.

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